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Exit Number 8 – Funny Charming and GOOD


I have terrible Good Girl Syndrome. That doesn’t mean I am Ea good girl, nor that I don’t do bad things, but it means that I worry a lot about creating the right impression, doing the appropriate thing, in the eyes of my peers and up to a point, authority.

That is not why, when one of my first ever bosses asked me if I’d like to see his daughter’s one woman show at the excellent  Kings Head, I immediately got in touch with a dear friend and ex-colleague and we organised a night out in Upper Street.

But it is probably why, after a strange morning of bombing around town to meetings at the wrong places, and an afternoon spent with a motley film crew on a platform at Northampton train station, I didn’t bail out under the excuse of weariness.

And I am so so glad I didn’t.

Katie Sherrard’s one-woman show, Exit Number 8, is a delight.

Her central character Lucy is seemingly a girl trying to have a jolly day off in London. She charmingly self-obsessively hurls her way around what should feel quite commonplace situations, you feel her rising neurosis, without ever once getting irritated with her.

It may be glib to say there are notes of Bridget Jones to the character (and it could be that I just read a new piece by Helen Fielding in last week’s Observer, so forgive me). Lucy is likeable, a tiny bit ditzy, obviously capable, independent, brave, cautious confident and very funny. She is self aware and open, whilst also suppressing her emotions. She is very relatable, and her slightly chaotic but also ordinary trip around town will resonate with most commuters out there.

Katie uses the whole stage, never standing still, using the space to share her narrative. Her movement and timing is precise and fluid. She even sings and impersonates, capturing the louche tones of many London types, not skipping a beat.

There is a growing sense of unease, but also positivity and warmth.

So hurrah for Katie and for Lucy, both women who I know would understand a bit of Good Girl Syndrome.

And thank you Scott Sherrard for introducing us to the talent that is his offspring.






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