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Ezra Furman The Lexington Tuesday 6th Feb 2018

“I know who your are, you are people  who are fast on social media. And The Industry”

Last night we were privileged, as guests of ‘the industry” to see Ezra Furman play up close and personal in the small but perfectly formed upstairs room at The Lexington.

I knew a bit about him, and was familiar with some great tunes courtesy of BBC 6 music, but thought it prudent to gen up a bit more, so basically did a bit of a YouTube search.

I found a couple of insightful interviews from last year so my expectations were well managed. In one he says that Ezra Furman and the Boyfriends had a mission, which they had achieved. To be a Punk, Soul, and Garage band. And be very fucking good. Tick tick tick tick.

So for the night we were treated with old familiar songs, and brand new ones from the album not yet out, of which Ezra told us he was “embarrassingly proud”. And rightly so.

From all the tracks, the standout ones for me were “I lost my innocence to a boy called Vincent”. And, slightly less cute, “Suck the blood from my wound”. But all were great.

He loves a Runaway Song. He doesn’t play on Friday nights.Part Pee Wee Herman, part Simon Amstell, all angst and talent, this troubled, gender fluid, nice Jewish boy rocked the joint. Smartly turned out in a black blazer and a snug fitting tea dress and pearls, he sang and played his little socks off. Actually from my sweet spot on a bench raised up from the main floor I couldn’t see his feet, so the socks is an expression, not a description.

The band, all in pristine white, worked ever so hard too. There was nearly an incident with the electric violin, involving a lack of 2 x AA batteries, but these were happily were magicked up by the crowd.

The nice chap to the right with his glock, maracas, sax and guitar was never ever idle.

Finishing up with numbers of his own like Love you So Bad and Lousy Connection, he also covered the works of some of our best-loved divas. Natural Woman (“a request from myself”) made us cry, and Hounds of Love was stonking, an homage from one crazy clever bitch to another.

Ezra’s serious issues, his anxiety and the fact he has mental problems, as he again mentioned in interview, are all apparent. He asked whether anyone else was feeling fear and loathing lately. He suggested that the whooping and cheers he got in response was a strange reaction. Which was fair. There was a lot of head in hands, and hand wringing. But he also said “it feels good to me”. Which was nice. Overall, he seemed to be having a fun time.

After nearly two hours of energy, rock and roll, musicianship and some excellent lyrics, he called it a night.

Transangelicism is term for a human being growing wings, and then growing into a angel. He told us his angel’s wing were made of tinfoil and cigarette butts.

I would add a touch of genius too.

Transangelic Exodus is out on Friday. Can’t wait.



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